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Yo, yo, yo! Thanks for stopping by, dudes. 8D

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So many talented people out there. And very inspirational! :D



Flare the Flareon
Mass Effect Stamp: N7 by Cokomon
Flare the Flareon~ :iconflarelaplz:

Pokemon Stamp by MarkiSanFlareon Fan Stamp by Eclipsis200 - Misdreavus by Marlenesstamps"Suicune Fan" Stamp by KT-245Om nom nom stamp by GlassPandaPokemon Stamp by Magegirl-Nino
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:bulletgreen: Please do not request las from now on, for I have a very long list that I cannot keep up with. Sorry for any inconveniences. ;-;


Charades by GoldFlareon
This is another one for  Pokémon Crossroads. For the same roleplay, Gotta Catch 'Em All. This is when my character Clea's mightyena had to explain to her other pokemon what was going on. I figured he'd be doing charades because why not. XD

Photoshop, many hours.
I'm Red?! by GoldFlareon
I'm Red?!

This is from "Gotta Catch 'Em All," a roleplay on my pokemon forum Pokémon Crossroads. (P.S. If you like participating in forum-wide activities which involve joining a team and competing against others in various areas such as humour, art, writing, RP, etc. then TOTALLY come on over and sign up. Or if you like pokemon and you like having friends who like pokemon, or you wanna post your art or stories or whatever, then come sign up!)

Anyway, my character's mightyena, Noble, was turned red when a legendary was playing around. He freaked out, but the legend turned him back afterwards. xD Fun times.

Yeah I still suck at backgrounds. I was going to try to do a sandstorm in the background but it didn't work so well for me. x: Ah well. I'm way too out of drawing practice.

Photoshop CS5.1!
Three Month Foxes by GoldFlareon
Three Month Foxes
It was :iconkasbarrymore: and my three months not long ago, so I quickly whipped this up for her. :D It was rushed, yes, but she still liked it. xD

Referenced from this picture here.
(Also pretty sure the fox on the left is scratching itself... xD)

Two Month Koala by GoldFlareon
Two Month Koala
It was :iconkasbarrymore: and my two months in December last year, so I drew this for her. C: I meant to get it up on DA earlier, but I didn't manage to until now.

It took me many hours because I don't really know how to use pencils well. xD (I know the rabbit's face looks a little odd.)

Lyrics are from Cosmic Love by Florence + the Machine.

Mystery of the Floating Egg by GoldFlareon
Mystery of the Floating Egg
Story behind it: Occasionally when I would be playing the Habitarium, which has sadly now shut down for good, a glitch would occur. One such glitch was that an egg would appear in the far corner of the screen, seemingly just floating there. The petpets would spawn there too, and you could just pick them up and move them, but when eggs appeared there, you couldn't touch them. xD They'd disappear at random without any interference by the player, which made it clear that it was a glitch.

I started this comic in 2013 sometime so I used a different shading technique was was confusing to work with when I came back to it a few days ago, and the comic itself is very rough and pretty basically drawn, but I didn't want to spend too much time on it. xD Also the legs of the larnikin in the first few panels are backward and weird, I know, because I had a bad screenshot at the time. xD I couldn't be bothered fixing them. I decided recently to finish it after remembering it existed simply because I have far too many unfinished drawings, and also because I found out recently that the Habitarium was gone for good from Neopets. So here's my tribute to the addictive, farm-like minigame.

Done with Photoshop!
Heya. :iconflarelaplz:

It's no secret that I've been totally inactive. I rarely click on the deviantART bookmark at the top of my browser anymore. I don't particularly know why DA stopped interesting me, although I have a pretty good idea of why it started. It was a major change in my life which happened last year that made me nearly delete my account. I felt the need to escape DA because it had too many memories attached to it and it would have been relieving.

I decided against that considering I have so many friends here, as well as all my art. It would have been pretty rude. xD I don't actively draw much anymore as my time is occupied by other things, and don't get me wrong - I still love drawing - but I don't do much beyond doodles unless I'm doing it for a particular purpose (such as my two most recent deviations, both gifts). My obsession with Mass Effect is the main thing that continues to draw me back here, when I do appear.

This journal entry is basically "explaining" that I'm inactive on this site and although I'll keep my account, I rarely come on here, and if I do, it's to lurk or post a piece of art. I just want people to know that it's not a good place to try to contact me, since I'm not interested in visiting frequently, but feel free to reach me on the Pokemon Crossroads Forum (or PXR), where I'm Suicune's Fire.

DeviantART is still a cool place and I love all the friends I have here - and appreciate every watcher - but I just wanted to let people know that I won't be active here. I'm trying to cut back on social media in general, actually.
Anyway, thanks for reading. :iconwrexlaplz:
~Flare. :iconflarelaplz:
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